Cyprus: Facing Challenging Decisions on Energy

The 6th Energy Symposium, which will take place on Tuesday, December 4th 2018 from 09:00 until 17:00, at Hilton Park Hotel in Nicosia, organised by the Institute of Energy for South-East Europe (IENE) and the company fmw financial media way, is expected to be a reference point for the energy developments in Cyprus and the wider region.

The Energy Symposium has become one of the most established and highly attended events relating to energy matters in Cyprus and the region, where governmental officials from Cyprus and abroad, academics and representatives of energy related companies share their knowledge and experience and exchange ideas on natural gas, electricity and renewable sources of energy.

Several significant issues will be addressed, such as:

  • Cyprus next steps in the field of hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation
  • Energy cooperation between countries in the region
  • Company investments in hydrocarbon and electricity in the SE Mediterranean
  • The transportation of natural gas from the Mediterranean to Europe
  • The use of natural gas for power generation
  • Cross border electricity connection
  • Deregulation of Cyprus electricity market
  • Exploitation of RES in Cyprus
  • Development and implementation of a legal and administrative context that will enhance energy efficiency in Cyprus.


7th Energy Symposium
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The Institute of Energy of South East Europe (ΙΕΝΕ) has its headquarters in Athens. It is the leading non-profit organization that studies energy matters in Greece and SE Europe and provides qualified information to stakeholders and the public.

Running and attending dozens of scientific conferences, publications, lectures and information activities, the IENE constantly discusses and presents the energy related developments in Greece, Cyprus and many other countries of the region.

FMW Financial Media Way

The Company FMW Financial Media Way is active in the fields of communication and publicity, specialized publications (printed and electronic), advertising and conferences. With offices in Cyprus and Greece, FMW offers services to a wide range of large companies and organizations from both countries. Apart from the Energy Symposium, it has organized several specialized conferences on Economy, Investments, Unemployment, Casinos, etc. in Cyprus and Greece.